Martina Bacíková

Martina Bacíková is founder of INEV & Economics Olympiad. Martina’s organization creates infrastructure for economics at the Czech high schools. The main project being the Economics Olympiad, competition for the high students, which measures the level of economics education and establishes standards in teaching economics for teachers and students. She got experience as a Chairman of Students for Liberty CZ, a co-founder of a Czech start-up Dáme Zkoušku, a Moderator and Journalist for the Czech news (Roklen24, Forum24, CollegeTV).

Michaela Chaloupková

Michaela Chaloupková graduated in Faculty of Law of ZČU Plzeň and studied MBA in University of Pittsburgh.  Since 2003, she has been working for ČEZ, a.s., where she started as Sales specialist in Buying department. She continuously developped her carrer up to the position of Operations Department Director, where she is responsible for Buying and HR departmenst of the whole ČEZ Group. Since October 2011, Michaela became the Board of Directors member. At present, she manages a team of 500 subordinates. She develops CSR activities in the whole ČEZ Group and actively participates in the Business For Society platform. In 2013, Michaela ranked 3rd in the Czech TOP Business Women ranking and in 2016 she ranked 8th in Forbes Most Influential Women in Czech Business. At the moment, she actively cooperates with mentoring programs Odyssey and Together2Grow.

Jean-Philippe Delsol

Jean-Philippe Delsol is a Doctor of Law and a Graduate in Literature. He works as a tax lawyer and is the President of IREF (Institut de Recherches Economiques et Fiscales), a liberal Think Tank. He has written about a dozen books and contributes regularly to magazines and large daily newspapers. Recent publications include : Anti-Piketty (collaborative work), Libréchange, 2015, L’injustice fiscale ou l’abus de biens communs, Desclée de Brouwer, 2016 and Echec de l’Etat, Pour une société de libre choix, Le Rocher, 2017.

Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský

Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský is analyst in LMC – a company developping online services for education and job seeking. He devotes maximum of his energy to analysing data, phenomenons and trends of connected worlds of education and work. He tries to search for basis of meaningful peoples’work and their effective cooperation in companies and public organizations. He often lectures for HR professionals, top managers and professional public. He is also developping cooperation with corporate partners and coordinating publicly beneficial activities of LMC.

Nastia Flegar

Nastia Flegar is currently adviser to the Minister of education, science and sport of the Republic of Slovenia. She coordinates the work of the Minister and the State secretary mainly in the area of education. Before her employment at the Ministry, she has gained valuable experience in preparing and implementing projects funded by different EU funds. During her career, she has worked in the field of education at the ŠKIS Association (Association of student clubs of Slovenia) and has gained experiences as a teacher in several language schools.


PhD Arja-Sisko Holappa is a specialist on curriculum theory and design. She is working as a specialist and senior advisor in Finnish National Agency for Education.  She is a former teacher and teacher educator with over ten year experience of education administration in municipal, regional and national organizations. Her special interests are the top down and bottom up development processes in education and the key role of curricula in these processes. She has experienced, organized and studied improvement processes on single school, education administrator and national levels. She stresses the importance of principals´ and teachers´ roles in successful school development processes and will be able to tell how this is taken into account in curriculum processes in Finland.  As a former teacher and university teacher educator she has a strong pedagogical knowhow especially in the fields of early childhood education and primary education.  She has experience in international cooperation in Europe and in Russia.

Radek Hylmar

In the past, I worked as an editor of IT literature at the Computer Press publishing house. I took part in preparing the high school exit exam in ICT at the CERMAT agency. I was the editor and coordinator of the ESF project “Fostering Cooperation between Schools and Enterprises with Focus on Vocational Education and Training in Practice,” “Pospolu” for short (Together). At the moment, I am a specialist for cooperation between schools and enterprises of the ESF project “Modernization of Vocational Education and Training“ at the National Institute for Education (Národní ústav pro vzdělávání).

Vratislav Janda

Corporate Affairs Director, Nestlé Czech and Slovak

Mr. Janda obtained Master Degree in Law at the Charles University in Prague and studied journalism and international relations in Norway, Germany and Switzerland.

He began his professional career as journalist, later on transferring to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He worked on several diplomatic missions in the Middle East, then in the area of National Security Policy and NATO, followed by his assignment at the Czech Embassy in Washington, USA.

In his current role, Mr. Janda is responsible for all Nestlé corporate affairs activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He speaks fluent English, German, Russian and French.

Petra Jirůtková

Petra Jirůtková is currently studying Economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Charles University. She has graduated PORG Libeň in Prague. The basis of her international experience was obtaining qualifications during her studies at George Heriot’s School in Scotland. Five years ago, she joined Khan Academy and she is now responsible for the website content in Mathematics. She is leading the team of translators and proofreaders and actively creating her own educational videos.

Pavel Juřík

Pavel Juřík works in financial and IT sectors since 1990s and implemented many product innovations. He participates on various domestic and international education and cultural projects. Since 2017 he is CEO of Czech FinTech company Paynovatio a. s. that in September 2017 launched, in co-opration with Mastercard and town Kolin, an usefull Innovation for primary and secondary schools – an open multifunctional smart card for ID purposes and payments.

Miroslava Kopicová

Miroslava Kopicová is since 1994 the director of the National Education Fund (NVF). She was responsible for the implementation of most EC programs for the Czech Republic in the area of human resources development. NVF provides long-term analytical and strategic capacity on employment and skills of labor. She served as technical assistance from the Ministry in preparing for the ESF, led major European programs such as Leonardo da Vinci, EQUAL and many other activities. Since 1990, M. Kopicová has represented the Czech Republic in a number of international institutions (OECD, CEDEFOP, ETF, closely cooperating with the EC). In 2006-2007 and then also in 2009-2010 (during the Czech EU presidency), she was the Minister of Education. She worked as an advisor to several prime ministers in the field of education, research and innovation.

Pavel Kraemer

Pavel Kraemer studied theoretical mathematics in Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Charles University. He was a lecturer in Waldorf schools and other alternative schools in Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine. He is a founder of Institute for Innovative Education which is a platform connecting and supporting different alternative streams in education.  He visited many democratic schools in Europe in India. He was supervising education of teachers in innovative schools of InoEduFest. Pavel provides supervision to many alternatives school in Czech Republic and organizes education of its Directors and lecturers.

Irene Kranz

Irene Kranz studied Special needs education and therapeutic pedagogy, media studies and public health at the University in Zurich (PhD.). From 2006 to  2016, she was employed as tutor and instructor at the Interkantonale Hochschule für Heilpädagogik in Zürich. Since 2016, she is Head of the Divison of educational and psychological services in Liechtenstein.

Nicolas Lecaussin

Nicolas Lecaussin is Director of the IREF (Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues ), a private European think tank based in Paris. He is a specialist in economic and political issues, he is the author of several books, including The State kills France, They want the skin of capitalism!State failureThe French Antiliberal Obsession  and co-author of the books What are the richAnti-Piketty and State failure. He was awarded the Renaissance Prize for Economics in 2015.

Zdeňka Matoušková

HR Business Partner, Training and Development Manager, Nestlé Czech and Slovak

Ms. Matoušková graduated at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. She has then gained 17 years of experience from different areas of Human Resources in various industries – from pharmacy to banking, construction and FMCG.

Six years ago, Ms. Matoušková joined Nestlé and apart from her current combined role of HR Business Partner and Training and Development Manager, she works as internal coach, mentor and trainer. She gives lectures in HR at the University of Economics in Prague.

Daniel Münich

Professor of Professional Practice at CERGE-EI since 1994. His research deals with labour
economics, economics of education and schooling. His expert work also focuses on impact evaluation
of public policies and evaluation of research. He  has served in  a  number of  advisory bodies to
national and  international institutions. He serves as executive director of IDEA.

Ján Oravec

Mr. Ján Oravec is a President of The Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia. He is a founding member and a member of a Presidium of the National Union of Employers. As Chairman of its´ European Affairs and Foreign Relations Committee he represents Slovak employers in international organizations of employers, in BusinessEurope in Brussels, in BIAC at OECD, and in IOE at the International Labour Organization in Geneva. In 1999-2002 Mr. Oravec was working as a Chief of Strategy at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.  During that period he served as a chairman and member of various Supervisory Boards and Boards of Directors. He is a founding member of The F. A. Hayek Foundation and its long term president (1992 – 2013). In 1997 he established The Slovak Taxpayers Association.

Dita Přikrylová

Dita Přikrylová is founder of non-profit organization Czechitas which inspires and educates women in IT. She studied system engineering and applied informatics in Masaryk University Brno. She worked as IT Risk Specialist and data analyst in a corporation but then she have decided to grow her own business. Besides educating women in IT, she lectures digital education of top management in 6D Academy institution and she educates children in Academia of Programming. In 2016, magazine Forbes nominated Dita to be rated one of 75 most influential women in Czech Republic. In 2016, she was awarded European Citizen Prize in European Parliament.

Aleš Rod

Ales Rod is responsible for research projects. He earned his Ph.D. (Economic Theory) at University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic and he still lectures at universities. His research activities are related to economics of regulation with an application in energy and waste economy, public finance and banking. Moreover, he is involved in several projects dealing with shadow economy analysis and economics of luxury. Ales is a board member of Consumer Forum Czech Republic, cooperates with Europe’s Research Alliance for a Digital Economy in London and consults various projects dealing with smart cities and digital economy for both public and private subjects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Martin Roman

For the last 20years Mr. Roman has been CEO and chairman of three important Czech companies (Janka, Skoda, CEZ). He is a member of the Board of Directors in MOL Group. He was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Vienna Insurance Group and the Czech Railways. Besides his industrial activities he was always an active philanthropist, especially in the field of education. In 2011 he started the project ( in the Czech Republic. He founded Nový PORG in 2007 and PORG Ostrava in 2011.

Zdeněk Slejška

He graduated in Biology – Physical Education at the Pedagogical Faculty of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem. He has been teaching children and adults, and has had 15 years of lecturing experience in the area of experience pedagogy. He participated in many educational projects as a methodologist and manager under the head of the Prazdninova škola Lipnice and subsequently the Egredior, which he co-founded. In 2006-2010 he lead the Metodický Portál, which tried to support creative teachers and became the largest professional portal in our country. In 2010, he co-founded and has leading the EDUin, an important organization in the field of education. In 2013 he became Ashoka Fellow.

Gintaras Steponavičius

Gintaras Steponavičius started his political career in early 90s as a co-founder of Lithuanian Liberal Union. SInce 2000 up to now, he has been member of Seimas, Lithuanian parliament. In the years 2004 – 2008, he served as Minister of Education and he was a member of parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Culture Science and from 2012 till 2016.

Olga Štěpánková

Olga Štěpánková studied Faculty of Matemathics and Physics in Charles University and holds a title Associate Professor in Mathematical Logics. Since 1988, she has been employed in Faculty of Electrotechnics in Czech Technical University in Prague. She is one of Department Heads of Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics. She is a guarantor of master study program of Biomedicine Engineering and Informatics. Being a Chair of Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics, Mrs. Štěpánková actively supports efficient use of information and communication technologies at all levels and objective testing of necessary knowledge.

Jan Veselý

Jan Veselý IBM Smarter University leader and Alliance for YOUth coordinator. He’s the author of Vodafone Foundation Laboratory and founder of EduFórum and

Emilia Zankina

Emilia Zankina is an Associate Professor in Political Science and Provost of the American University in Bulgaria. She holds a Ph.D. in International Affairs and a Certificate in Advanced East European Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.  Her research examines democratization and elite transformation in Eastern Europe, populism, civil service reform, and gender political representation. She has published in reputable journals and presses such as West European Politics, East European Politics, Problems of Post-communism, Representation, ECPR Press, Indiana Press, and more. In the past, Zankina has served as Associate Director of the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, Managing Editor of East European Politics and Societies, and Editor-in-Chief of the Newsletter of the Bulgarian Studies Association.